How to Fix Printer Driver is Unavailable Error

Once you are on the boot selection screen, select your USB drive and hit Enter. Now, open Rufus, plug the USB drive, select the ISO image, and click on “Start“.

  • A background program, most likely an antivirus, may also conflict with the installation and lead to the error.
  • Furthermore, Windows 10 does not require to install and download driver manually.
  • A printer can connect to a network on either an Ethernet or Wi-Fi local area network (LAN), or you can connect it directly via USB to a computer on the network.
  • Your computer could’ve come with built-in drivers when you first got it, which need an update now.
  • You can disable that program and then install your driver again.

All you need to do is click on the Find now button and it’ll start looking for your driver updates AR9485 drivers for windows 10. If you don’t see the Driver Updates section, no optional driver updates are available.

Windows automatic driver installation

Windows will automatically detect any issues with your printer and suggest fixes accordingly. Apply the recommended fixes and try using your printer again. Windows 11 includes many troubleshooters that can help you fix common system-level issues.

In Windows 10 and 11 you can choose whether to let Windows automatically download the driver software or do it yourself. Automatic updating is the default and the easiest method, whereby Windows will habitually check for driver updates and install them.

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